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// Something for money

December 4th, 2012

I recently spent £90 + £13 + £13 + a few more on something recently…
Here’s what that something was.

‘Officially’, the money was spent on a driving awareness course but ‘unofficially’, to me, it was something else.

I spend a lot of time working at home, and when I’m not, I drive.
But not like Ryan GoslingI get caught. Driving Braking fast… down hills.

I accepted my fault, (just), and was offered to pay my dues by side-stepping the conventional £60 fine and an addition of 3 out of 12 penalty points on my driving license.

The deal was; I pay £90.
I’m thinking (the £60 fine + *£10 + *£10 + *£10 [£10 fee per point evaded]).

But I also had to attend a 2-and-a half-hour course in person, alongside completing some online bits and bobs.

Since I now live in London and the offence was committed in my University town, I had to travel circa 60 miles with a combination of; walking, tube-catching, switching, train-journeying, car-catching and car driving.

Now, before I lose you - the point I’m getting at here is, this whole thing was a right pain in the (ass/bottom).

But you know what…
I liked it. (no – I’m not that kind of person [cheeky])

But I genuinely did value the whole experience.


  • I got out of the house.
  • I saw different.
  • I heard different.
  • I thought different.
  • I learnt new.
  • I met new via old (common ground).

So for me, this whole experience was of real value.

My challenge to you is this…

The next time you spend money that you instinctively think was a waste of money, just take a moment to think about the hidden value that you may have received that went unnoticed.

// Going Solo

July 23rd, 2012

I’ve finished my university degree, which leaves me in an interesting position.

The economy sucks right now and possibly forever – that’s a given.
If everybody’s struggling with traditional approaches to business – what hope is there?
For me, this is a no-brainer.
This means that there is no pressure to jump into the future with an entirely new approach.

I am amassing (not quite) a collection of white; transparent; colourless objects which I hope to – actually, nope – I have no real reason for doing this other than an unusual desire to do it – call it an eccentric fetish.

Increasingly, new additions to this collection are items coming from one specific company.

Solo Cup Europe are, ‘a leading manufacturer of high performance single-use foodservice products‘.
I’ve seen and collected a few of this company’s gorgeous disposable children.
They are cropping up in all sorts of food outlets (big & small).
Solo aren’t just being, they’re being smart, and adapting to fit the world’s new mould.
They’re bettering themselves by way of this worldly shift and it’s good business.
Efficiency is something I have always been hot on and these guys are keeping it cool with;

  • 2.9% lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • the 100% recycling of waste
  • and the cherry on top – a healthy increase in profits.

But anyway, back to Ben – I’m moving to London and have no concrete plan.
Which is great – London needs no more of that.
I have a small financial safety net, some skills, a passion for different and some business nous.

My tricks aren’t tucked under my sleeves like potentially forgotten handkerchiefs – they are embedded within the foundations of my integument.

I’m open to something new, where collaboration is key – so talk to me…
Let’s do something different.
Then let’s do some more of it.

Let’s hire ourselves, then fire ourselves (when we’ve been successful).

// Google could unzip rival browsers pants.

April 24th, 2012

As of Tuesday 24th April 2012, Google is celebrating the life of Gideon Sundback (a Swedish-American electrical engineer, most famous for his development of the zip/zipper) through a dynamic Google Doodle.

Gideon Sundback Google Doodle

Now, I have something for you to ponder over… Google could in theory unzip the pants of rival internet browsers by meticulously crafting the way they code these dedicated, interactive homepages.

The buzz that these fun, one-off feats generates could be considered a well orchestrated traffic generator. In response to an article surrounding display issues with Firefox, what if Google were to purposefully outcast their rivals, by tailoring their code exclusively to their own (Google Chrome) browser, they could see a healthy surge in downloads of Chrome.

The time it takes to download and install Google Chrome is fast and effortless, and I could see people adopting the browser, just for a small perk like being able to be a part of these small moments in history.


// A creature did stir

December 24th, 2011

Twas the night before Christmas, and something was stirring…

Contrary to Clement Clarke Moore’s Christmas Eve. poem, a creature did stir earlier today, and it was in fact my mouse.

After stumbling across a photographer’s portfolio website today I came across a photograph that instantly triggered a joke that required a spot of targeted, private messaging on one of the better-known social network websites.
Upon loading the private messaging page, I noticed what looked like one of those unfortunate curly, dark things that sometimes comes a cropper on your unfortunately-white MacBook. This one (or so I thought) was on my screen, but after a bit of night-fever-esque page scrolling, I noticed that it was something much more deeply woven into the fabric of my screen.

This anonymous, thin curly black thing was actually the top part of an obscured ‘S’.

This letter was a prerequisite, to forming the word, ‘Success’ on this particular occasion.

A tad ironic that without my knowledge of web technology and the way in which frames work alongside an unwillingness to explore, I wouldn’t have found ‘Success’. I thought this was a nice little moral, what with Christmas and the New Year being just around the corner of a clock face.

Since it’s a gooey time of the year, and I still have just under an hour before I have to have read this famous poem as part of a festive family tradition, I thought I’d make a couple of send-off statements…

This year has been a rather odd one, so much so that I cannot really recall any key life-moving occurrences. I’ve even had the blessed ability to wake up, having had nice dreams removed from me until very recently.

So… For next year, I aim to put my heart and soul into everything I do – this blog and my online presence, my presence in general, my hobbies, my health, my career and my relationships. Expect to see more of the Ben Linford you’ve seen glimpses of, or aspects of he that you’ve never seen before that exist.

Have a great Christmas and here’s to hitting the ground running in the coming year!
Peace be with you.

// Family Business

June 13th, 2011

I’ve officially finished my second of three years at university and managed to successfully navigate my way back home, a couple of days ago. After much deliberation, I seem to have found myself doing a considerable amount of nothing (out of the ordinary).

Anyway, after heating up a few flaps of outdated mackerel that my mother removed from the fridge and slapped onto the kitchen side, I flew up the stairs in the usual fashion and flung myself onto her bed. Cordially greeting ‘dog #1′ with an appetiser, I voiced my generosity through the floorboards, to ‘dog #2′ also. Since my mother had specified that the fish was now only suitable for consumption by my pedigree chums, I thought it was only fair that we each had our fair share of oily lips.

During the feed, I flicked on the television and settled for channel 4 in my search for some daytime dynamite. To my absolute joy, I found a programme fittingly called, ‘Super Scrimpers‘.

This programme is me down to a, ‘b’.

It’s a television series, which shows people how to ‘scrimp and save in these straitened times’. I prefer to refer to it as making the general public aware of their gross mass consumption. An increasingly strong belief of mine, is that quality and/or craftsmanship, should regulate our wallets and gear our consumption.

Send me a 99p ‘Birthday Boy’ card from Wilkinsons, or an over-priced, cheap, novelty gift item from a department store, and you’re behind what I believe to be, the excrement of the ‘gift horse’.

I do appreciate the very odd moment when someone wishes to treat me, however, I do not appreciate the wallet and the tail-end of the brain, being used, to fish out the decision.

One of the ladies from the programme, (Mrs. Moneypenny), has attached herself to the following motto; ‘run your family like a business’. I think this is a revolutionary little-big concept, and I firmly believe that the adoption of this principle would benefit the wider population, on so many levels.

So… I now have something-over three months to tighten the house up (whilst making the odd stingy-nettle pasta).

// Blue Hedgehog

March 22nd, 2011

My BLuehedgehOG hasn’t been updated for a while, so I thought this would be a great ice-melter.

What’s with the blue hedgehog?

Well… just discovered a website (quora).
In short, it’s a website in which questions are asked and answered by the people who are really in the know.
Most of the things that are talked about revolve around decisions made in technology.

So… What’s with the blue hedgehog?

Well apparently, Ezra Callahan who worked for Facebook between 2004 and 2010 reckoned that Sean Parker (one of the big men behind the social networking site), wanted to use a blue hedgehog as a mascot for the site, much like Twitter’s bird and Android’s robot.

Thank god the poor guy wasn’t adopted, as there are probably enough pr!cks to watch out for on Facebook already (and blue ones in particular).

// Flikr

September 13th, 2010

Google must really hate Yahoo!

This is how they link to my Flickr photos, from my Google Account profile.

Flikr Not Flickr

Google might as well knock the, ‘n, w, e and r’ off of Answers.

// Sweetening the deal.

September 13th, 2010

Well why didn’t you say!?

Free Chocolate Bar With Every Order

When you’re browsing Google’s shopping results for the perfect, white headset for use with Skype, your Mac Mini’s USB port is not the only input that needs something else to function.

That is exactly why topcomms.co.uk, is providing its buyers with a free chocolate bar when you place an order. It makes perfect sense.

Free Chocolate Bar With Every Order Screenshot

Now that’s what I call (nope, not music), but sweetening the deal.

P.S. – There aren’t any 14p products on the website, so there’s no loophole for getting cheap chocolate bars, delivered to your door. :(

// Protected: Bogey Art

July 12th, 2010

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// No longer the Wimble Don.

June 17th, 2010

As far as I can remember, the Wimbledon Tennis Championship‘s website had always been a spectacle in its own right. I used to love scaling through its purple and green exterior. This year, the Wimbledon website looks like an empty shopfront, neglecting stock buying due to unstable economic conditions.

Wimbledon Tennis Website 2010

Maybe it does have something to do with the economic climate.

Maybe it’s a cost-cutting measure that’s been implemented to ensure the bank can provide the prize winners with their share of this year’s; £13,725,000 overall kitty. I have no idea whether general ticket sales have increased much over the years but a 9.4% overall increase in prize money (compared to last year), has got to be accumulated from somewhere.

I’ll be making my first trip Wimbledon this year, having been a consistent follower of the tournament on TV. It’s always been something I’ve wanted to do in my lifetime and it’ll be the first live tennis event I’ve seen, outside of the box – ohhh, so close.

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