Hello. this is me, Ben Linford.

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April 4th, 2010

Ben Linford's Graphic Design Workspace

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Currently studying at Bucks New University for the BA (Hons) in Graphic Arts.
Passionate about life and its wonders, complexities and opportunities.

Web design and technology, business and branding.

I fetch the football, when no one else will.

Perfectly secured bed sheets. No ripples.

Promotional stickers that don’t stick.

Make money here and there.
Used to have sticky-up hair.

Last one to exit the cinema.

Sustainable Design.

Like wryping things.

Dislike small-talk.

White & Glossy.

Fenella Fudge.



Red Milk.


Listen to BBC 6music. [asx]

I’m currently aiming to develop my skill-set, and re-invest any monetary gain, into utensils outside of the kitchen. A drag of two fingers on my MacBook’s trackpad, interfere’s with my radio’s signal – which effectively makes me a radio-disc-jockey. I terms of music, I have relatively low brand-loyalty. I like to celebrate the new, rather than give instant gratification to existing artists based on past noise. I work with people like milk does with tea, yet, offering you more options than your usual three shades of fat. If you don’t like milk, you’ll never grow big and strong.

You may find out more about some of the stuff that leaves my brain, in a digitally tangible format, by requesting the latest copy of, ‘Just this.’. This is a regularly appended TextEdit document. Although, I may be reluctant to share this, as it’s full of some great head-crafted ideas.

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