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// A creature did stir

December 24th, 2011

Twas the night before Christmas, and something was stirring…

Contrary to Clement Clarke Moore’s Christmas Eve. poem, a creature did stir earlier today, and it was in fact my mouse.

After stumbling across a photographer’s portfolio website today I came across a photograph that instantly triggered a joke that required a spot of targeted, private messaging on one of the better-known social network websites.
Upon loading the private messaging page, I noticed what looked like one of those unfortunate curly, dark things that sometimes comes a cropper on your unfortunately-white MacBook. This one (or so I thought) was on my screen, but after a bit of night-fever-esque page scrolling, I noticed that it was something much more deeply woven into the fabric of my screen.

This anonymous, thin curly black thing was actually the top part of an obscured ‘S’.

This letter was a prerequisite, to forming the word, ‘Success’ on this particular occasion.

A tad ironic that without my knowledge of web technology and the way in which frames work alongside an unwillingness to explore, I wouldn’t have found ‘Success’. I thought this was a nice little moral, what with Christmas and the New Year being just around the corner of a clock face.

Since it’s a gooey time of the year, and I still have just under an hour before I have to have read this famous poem as part of a festive family tradition, I thought I’d make a couple of send-off statements…

This year has been a rather odd one, so much so that I cannot really recall any key life-moving occurrences. I’ve even had the blessed ability to wake up, having had nice dreams removed from me until very recently.

So… For next year, I aim to put my heart and soul into everything I do – this blog and my online presence, my presence in general, my hobbies, my health, my career and my relationships. Expect to see more of the Ben Linford you’ve seen glimpses of, or aspects of he that you’ve never seen before that exist.

Have a great Christmas and here’s to hitting the ground running in the coming year!
Peace be with you.

// Got it?

May 24th, 2010

Basically, there’s a Get Fed™ and a Got Fed™ range of nutritional energy enhanced foods. One of them is consumed by humans (yep), and one of them is consumed by, (the then) perfectly sane farmyard animals who now love to rave at the discotheque.

Get Fed LogoGot Fed Logo

I can see why it had a few people baffled (pigs), but the backbone of the concept is strong.

Briefed by WMH (Williams Murray Hamm) a number of weeks ago to promote a range of three natural energy drinks.

In business terminology (well, in layman’s terms), we effectively cut out the middle-man.
We went right to the energy ‘sauce’, (which is where the idea generally came from).
We ditched the idea of the energy being in the form of condiments due to their perceived artificial nature. Whilst maintaining the link with foodstuff, we came to the idea that if we fed our natural food sources with our energy concoction, not only would the lower end of the food chain benefit during the span of their lives, but we would also reap the natural infusion of energy, embedded within their make-up.

The agricultural industry faces tough times. The onset of accelerating Global Warming is going to test farmers like they’ve never been tested. Supermarkets, looking to reward shareholders with unnecessarily huge dividends are constantly eating away at their livelihoods.

With our framework in place, willing farmers could invest in the Get Fed™ feed and take their livestock to market as niche goods labeled as (new tense), Got Fed™ produce, to be sold at a much more rewarding price to the farmer.

Get Fed TesterGot Fed Example Range

Not limited to just the consumption of (dead?) livestock. The whole concept could ring true (rather like a cow bell) with dairy products and fruit and vegetables.

If its roots are in the ground, it can Get Fed™

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