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June 13th, 2011

I’ve officially finished my second of three years at university and managed to successfully navigate my way back home, a couple of days ago. After much deliberation, I seem to have found myself doing a considerable amount of nothing (out of the ordinary).

Anyway, after heating up a few flaps of outdated mackerel that my mother removed from the fridge and slapped onto the kitchen side, I flew up the stairs in the usual fashion and flung myself onto her bed. Cordially greeting ‘dog #1′ with an appetiser, I voiced my generosity through the floorboards, to ‘dog #2′ also. Since my mother had specified that the fish was now only suitable for consumption by my pedigree chums, I thought it was only fair that we each had our fair share of oily lips.

During the feed, I flicked on the television and settled for channel 4 in my search for some daytime dynamite. To my absolute joy, I found a programme fittingly called, ‘Super Scrimpers‘.

This programme is me down to a, ‘b’.

It’s a television series, which shows people how to ‘scrimp and save in these straitened times’. I prefer to refer to it as making the general public aware of their gross mass consumption. An increasingly strong belief of mine, is that quality and/or craftsmanship, should regulate our wallets and gear our consumption.

Send me a 99p ‘Birthday Boy’ card from Wilkinsons, or an over-priced, cheap, novelty gift item from a department store, and you’re behind what I believe to be, the excrement of the ‘gift horse’.

I do appreciate the very odd moment when someone wishes to treat me, however, I do not appreciate the wallet and the tail-end of the brain, being used, to fish out the decision.

One of the ladies from the programme, (Mrs. Moneypenny), has attached herself to the following motto; ‘run your family like a business’. I think this is a revolutionary little-big concept, and I firmly believe that the adoption of this principle would benefit the wider population, on so many levels.

So… I now have something-over three months to tighten the house up (whilst making the odd stingy-nettle pasta).

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