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December 4th, 2012

I recently spent £90 + £13 + £13 + a few more on something recently…
Here’s what that something was.

‘Officially’, the money was spent on a driving awareness course but ‘unofficially’, to me, it was something else.

I spend a lot of time working at home, and when I’m not, I drive.
But not like Ryan GoslingI get caught. Driving Braking fast… down hills.

I accepted my fault, (just), and was offered to pay my dues by side-stepping the conventional £60 fine and an addition of 3 out of 12 penalty points on my driving license.

The deal was; I pay £90.
I’m thinking (the £60 fine + *£10 + *£10 + *£10 [£10 fee per point evaded]).

But I also had to attend a 2-and-a half-hour course in person, alongside completing some online bits and bobs.

Since I now live in London and the offence was committed in my University town, I had to travel circa 60 miles with a combination of; walking, tube-catching, switching, train-journeying, car-catching and car driving.

Now, before I lose you - the point I’m getting at here is, this whole thing was a right pain in the (ass/bottom).

But you know what…
I liked it. (no – I’m not that kind of person [cheeky])

But I genuinely did value the whole experience.


  • I got out of the house.
  • I saw different.
  • I heard different.
  • I thought different.
  • I learnt new.
  • I met new via old (common ground).

So for me, this whole experience was of real value.

My challenge to you is this…

The next time you spend money that you instinctively think was a waste of money, just take a moment to think about the hidden value that you may have received that went unnoticed.

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